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More American voters than usual are interested in taking part in the 2018 US elections for Congress, and state and local offices. Your country needs to hear your voice – not just in the choice of senators and representatives in Congress, but in state and local offices (if your state rules permit you to vote on them).

What you can do: register now!
States are starting to hold primaries for candidates – if you want to vote in the Democratic or Republican primaries in your state register now! If you don’t want to vote in a primary, register anyway, so there is good time to deal with any problems that might come up.
Maximize your chance of playing your part in this vital election by ensuring that you are registered/have requested a ballot. Also, encourage all the other Americans you know to do the same.
If you haven’t done so yet, go to the websites of:

and fill out the form today!
Send questions to the FAWCO Voting from Overseas Committee (

Lather, rinse, repeat
Once again, here’s our main message to every American we can find.

  1. Register to vote/request a ballot for the 2018 election. Send the registration form/ballot request to your local election official according to the instructions that accompany it. It’s a very good idea to check in with your local election official a few weeks after you register, in order to check your status.
  2. Receive and complete your ballot. States are required to send out ballots 45 days before a regular election for federal office and states generally send out ballots at least 30 days before primary elections.
  3. If your ballot does not arrive in time (1 month before 6 November 2018), send a federal write-in absentee ballot (FWAB). If your regular ballot arrives after you have sent off your FWAB, vote and send it, too, and let the local election official decide which one to count.
  4. Use very network and connection you have to urge other Americans to register and vote. This means using every network and connection you have, including: your FAWCO club, social media accounts, church, school, business, etc. etc.

For tasks 1 and 3, use the online resources available to you to, including:

Send questions to the FAWCO Voting from Overseas Committee (

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