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Here are helpful links and information sources for helping you settle into Zurich.

Message from the U.S. Embassy Bern - STEP

image002Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)

Stay Informed.  Sign up for our free Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (formerly known as “Travel Registration” or “Registration with Embassies”) to receive the latest travel updates and information!

When you sign up, you will automatically receive the most current information we compile about the country where you will be traveling or living. You will also receive updates, including Travel Warnings and Travel Alerts (where appropriate). You only need to sign up once, and then you can add and delete trips from your account based on your current travel plans!

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Useful Links

Useful Links


There are many resources for those currently living abroad or planning to relocate to Switzerland. Many of the useful links listed are offered in English. Some may open on a German language page, and you should find a way to select English - for example by clicking on the UK or American flag.

US Embassy Bern
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