American Women's Club of Zurich

robin seamless wallpaper bird background vector id461991257Here are links to just a few Highlights from our Monthly Extras and Club Calendar. Please see Upcoming Events for a complete listing by date. 

The KIDS CORNER EASTER PARTY on Saturday, March 24 usually sells out quickly! Register today.

MONTHLY LUNCHEON AT THE RUDEN on Tuesday, April 3, is always a lovely opportunity to enjoy a meal with friends in a beautiful setting.

Let us "shower" you with attention at the APRIL FIRSTFRIDAYS! on Friday, April 6.

Who doesn't want to know more about the Böög? LIVING IN ZURICH: SPRING FESTIVALS IN ZURICH on Tuesday, April 10 is the place to be!

Also on Tuesday, April 10 you can join the ART GUILD VISIT TO THE KUNSTMUSEUM WINTERTHUR

Of course, there's a COFFEE MORNING on Friday, April 13

And, SAVE THE DATE for the big event the AWCZ ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING being held on Tuesday, April 17

Plan now to attend a special event talk on THE LATEST TECHNIQUES IN ESSENTIAL AND COSMETIC DENTISTRY, on Tuesday, May 8, given by Dr. Danielle Heller Fontana

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