American Women's Club of Zurich

Art Guild

Art Guild is the group for AWCZ art viewers and doers, art lovers and learners. We offer a variety of art related activities including exhibit tours, gallery and studio visits, sketching, and photography. Come explore the Zurich art scene, see some very diverse and intriguing art, and have coffee and a chat with us about it. Friends and family are welcome too.  Please join us as we make art happen! For more information, Please Contact Us

May Art Guild: Häusler Contemporary Zurich

MayArtGuildJudyLedgerwood installation view HCZ 2019 m scherrer 2 3Art Guild visits Häusler Contemporary Zurich to see “Beyond Beauty,” their exhibition of paintings drawings and ceramics by American artist Judy Ledgerwood. Challenging cultural roles and with influences from color-field and action painting, Judy Ledgerwood employs rich, vivid coloration and simple geometric patterns in her paintings. Her colorful and sensual ceramics, embody these influences while also exploring the symbolism of shapes and colors and insight from the imperfect.

Join us and discover the work of a contemporary American artist working in both painting and ceramics.

End your afternoon enjoying intriguing art and a drink with us.

When: Tuesday, May 7
Time: 17.00 – 19.00
Where: Häusler Contemporary Zurich
Deadline & Cancellation: Monday, May 6


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