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Throughout the year, curious club members venture out to visit different parts of Switzerland in a more informal way. Our intent is to appeal to a variety of tastes and interests, so we select different regions, activities, events and times days for our suggested or organized destinations. Enjoy exploring some with us, and with fellow adventurers, Contact Excursions, or check out the upcoming excursions here, on our Facebook page, in the monthly E-blast or in The Round Robin magazine.



Excursions: Jucker Farm

Excursion Oct We are excited to announce that, thanks to a group effort, Excursions are back! Please consider joining us and then consider joining our team in the new year to help plan our spring Excursions. In the meantime, you can look forward to the Bern Onion Market, a Christmas Market and perhaps a fondue evening.

October was an easy month to plan. We have only one thing on our minds, PUMPKINS! We'll start off from the Pfäffikon Bahnhof and follow the Pfäffikersee for an easy 50 minute walk to the pumpkin farm. Our mouths will start to water when we're hit with the aromas of freshly roasted cinnamon pumpkin seeds as we walk up to the Jucker Farm from the lake. At the farm we'll enjoy a delicious lunch featuring, surprise..., pumpkin soup!

This year's pumpkin display theme is Mythical Creatures. Let's go on a hunt for Unicorns!

Afterwards, we'll stuff our purchased pumpkins in to our backpacks and make our way downhill to catch the S14 train back from Aathal to Zurich. 

When: Wednesday, October 24, 09.45 – 14.00 
Where: Jucker Farm, Seegräben ZH
Train: Meet at HB clock at 09.45, taking the S3 at 10.03 train from Gleis 43/44.
Or, meet us no later than 10.45 at Pfäffikon Bahnhof
Cost: Lunch & travel at your own cost
Deadline: Tuesday, October 23 by 12.00  



Excursions: Bern Onion Market

2018BernOnionMarketWhen there’s a chill in the air and the smell of onions and garlic in your nose, you know it’s time for the annual Bern Onion Market. The Zibelemärit is thought to date back to the 1850s when the farmer’s wives from Murten, known as Marmettes would travel to Bern to sell their wares. Today, it’s a popular festival with plenty of tradition, food, gifts and entertainment. Fair warning, it starts early! (Open from 6am to 6pm.) Be aware of the confetti being hurled and shot by everyone at everyone. It’s a traditional Swiss chilbi that s fun for all. Stalls with onion cakes, sausages, and soups, cheese, gluhwein, cheesecakes are offered amidst artful displays of colorful wreaths, plaited strings of onions, dried flowers, and garlic to chase away the evil spirits. At 4 a.m., over 700 vendors transform the central city while, throughout the day, roaming, costumed singers serenade, and children toss confetti! Join us on our November excursion to the Bern Onion Market.

When:      Monday, November 26.
Meet at HB Clock at 8.45 a.m. for Train IC #816, direction Brig, leaves Track 14 at 9.02.
Return at 16.32 on IC #731, direction St. Gallen from Track 7, arriving at the Zurich HB at 17.28 p.m.
Where:     Zurich HB, at the Clock.
Cost:        Travel costs and restaurant lunch at personal expense.
Deadline: Friday, November 23
Cancel:     Friday, November 23, 15.00 


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