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Living In Zurich

482252781Living in Zurich Coffee Klatsch brings together established expats with folks new to the area, even if you aren't yet an AWCZ member. We offer monthly informal presentations on topics relevant to living in Zurich with plenty of time for questions and discussions. Our membership remembers the challenges of being new in town and wants to pay forward the help we were all given. Come share a nibble with us, ask your questions and bring suggestions for future discussion topics. Upcoming topics include Settling in with Children, How to Connect and Get Involved When You Aren't Working and Recycling.


LIZ: Surviving the Winter Blues in Switzerland

winter blues1Winters in Zurich can be long and grey – short of heading to Tahiti, what can you do to survive? There will be plenty of time for questions and casual discussion. If you are settled here and want to share your knowledge with newcomers, we’d love your input! Share a nibble with us, ask your questions and bring suggestions for future discussion topics.

When: Thursday, January 11
Time: 14.30 – 16.00 
Cost: Free 
Deadline & Cancel: Wednesday, January 10

LIZ Food Tour: Zurich’s Health Food Stores

Want to cook healthier this year, but not sure where to start?

iStock 120751679

Caitlin Ball of will be hosting the 2nd themed food tour, this time visiting Zurich’s health food stores. Come along and find out where to buy some much needed healthy food ingredients that are not easily found at Migros or Coop. The tour will take about one hour.

Bring a backpack or bags to carry stuff... you are bound to buy more than you think you will! Email Caitlin at beforehand with special food or ingredient requests!

When: Tuesday, February 6
Time: 14.30 – 15.30  
Cost: Free 
Deadline & Cancel: Monday, February 5

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