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2artistsMARGallery Artists Minna Ahlberg and Marika Rosenius
March 3 – April 25

Minna Ahlberg
The best moment for me while working is when a painting takes me with it. I become involved and immersed, almost painting with my feelings rather than being conscious of my actions. I love nature - its unlimited colors and infinite variety of feeling, form and light. Although nature is constantly changing, it remains familiar. My rust paintings express this change, with materials reacting and changing over time and building up totally new forms and colors. Because I love to experiment with new and different techniques and styles, this also adds to the feeling of discovery I find in my work and appeals to my curiosity. My paintings reflect the relationship between change and familiarity and the emotions it can awake.
Contact: Minna – 076 383 39 82 /

Marika Rosenius
As an artist, I am inspired and deeply touched by the beauty and energy of nature. I hope that the viewer of my art will slow down and take a moment to connect with my landscapes and forests – observing the contrasts between density and airiness, between spontaneity and deliberation and between realism and abstraction. In my newest works, I make use of my woodworking tools, that is “drawing” (scratching and scraping) on wood panels with my chisels, saws and anything sharp. I deliberately leave some wood splinters to add to the organic feel and texture I seek. Several layers of muted and earthy tones of acrylics and pigments are then added, thus creating a more expansive scene in my Experimental Landscape Painting.
Contact Marika – 079 617 24 29 /

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