American Women's Club of Zurich

Exhibition: November through December

Vernissage: November 11, 13.00 – 16.00

1711 ArtattheClub1

1711 ArtattheClub2 

 Original art pieces open a relationship between the viewer and the artist; it creates something unique that can heal, relax and inspire something new. That’s what we feel about how art works, and how it affects us, and we hope you can have that journey with us through our paintings and moving sculpture.

Amanda Gmür

I have always loved interpreting the beautiful Swiss landscape and nature around me in an abstract way. There are so many words used in the language around art to describe movements in history and styles: abstract expressionism, impressionism, realism, geometric, pointillist and more. In past years I’ve explored different methods and I enjoy painting using techniques from all these movements in my own way. I just love applying paint to canvas and creating curiosity, emotion … a visual atmosphere that can bring the viewer joy, energy, happiness and calm.

Jean Paul Gmür

These moving sculptures are mesmerizing, constantly changing their shape and the shadows they cast. My handcrafted mobiles are made from various metals and are
inspired by Alexander Calder ( The calm organic shapes turn through the air with the serenity of nature. I will exhibit a few models but can also make pieces to order.

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