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2018 NovFF Paul lowOur Gallery at the Club exhibitors for November and December are Anni Doré and Paul Smith.  Anni is Swedish and Paul is British, but have known each other for a number of years through a connection with Zurich International School. Together they bring us ‘Duet’, our current exhibition.

Paul Smith (right) studied for his BA Hons in fine art in Leeds, UK. Before moving to Zurich, he had also lived in Venezuela and Japan. He is exhibiting a number of Landscapes influenced by Lake Zurich and the rugged coastline of Cornwall in the UK. His paintings are characterized by soft, layered and blended colors, which sometimes are on the border between figurative and abstract, yet the scenes are clearly identifiable. A distinctive use of color also evokes an emotionally empathetic response from the viewer.

Anni Doré (below) studied fine arts in Den Haag,NL and completed with a BA and Graduate Pgm.She moved to Zürich where she continued with her MFA while teaching and running various art programs. Anni has been inspired by the light of the high altitude landscapes, combined with the visual culture, of her adopted home Switzerland. She spends as much time as she can touring the Alps with art supplies as part of her standard equipment. Her drawings and paintings are characterized by bold shapes and vibrant colors of an expressionistic, figurative nature. The latest works share memories of the Via Alpina (Sargans to Montreaux) with our enthusiastic viewers.

2018 NovFF Anni low

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