American Women's Club of Zurich

Member2MemberBirds 01Have you heard of our Member-to-Member Care Team? Ileen Sangster and her team are here to support all our members during the good times as well as the bad. Difficulties always seem more overwhelming when we are away from home, so we hope to offer a short-term lift for illness, loss or personal troubles. We send cards for births, deaths, illnesses or bereavements. The flowers we send are a great boost to anyone who is hospitalized, and we can also arrange visits for a wee chat or a bit of diversion. A couple of home-made meals will also ease someone’s return home. The AWCZ recognizes that getting to the Clubhouse can be hard for some of our older members, so we do offer one free ride per year to the Club. We aim to allow our senior members to keep up the bonds we all enjoy at the Club.

The MMCT is just as its title says: for members by members. None of us are experts in the care field, we just intend to offer a little encouragement and practical help when and where it’s needed most. All members are invited to join our team. We also rely on members to let us know when MMCT can step in to help. Our service is very discreet, so any news of members needing the Team’s assistance should be made by email to

We’ll arrange a get-together soon after the kick-off in September for those who already volunteer, and for anybody who’d like to get involved or know more about our service. We hope to see a lot of old and new faces!

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