American Women's Club of Zurich


The American Women’s Club of Zurich is governed by a board of seven elected officers, an appointed parliamentarian and three appointed standing committee chairs. In addition, numerous special or ad hoc committee chairs are appointed, as necessary, for special projects and other Club activities and operations. 


AWCZ Officers and Chairs

Executive Board

President: Lyla Taylor

Oversees activities of board officers and acts as official spokesperson of the Club. To contact the President email her at  

Vice President Member Relations & Activities: Eleanor Paunovic

Promotes and oversees member involvement in Club events, activity groups and volunteer opportunities. To contact Eleanor, email her at  

Vice President Communications: Rachel Thibodeaux

Responsible for marketing communications and public relations. To contact Rachel, email her at

Vice President Events: Ellen Frick Delman

Coordinates annual and special Club events and programs for our membership. To contact Ellen, email her at 

Vice President Clubhouse Operations: Cassandra Budlong

Oversees Clubhouse operations and administration. To contact Cassandra, email her at  

 Secretary: Denise Moyer

Maintains minutes, reports, and other correspondence of all board and Club meetings. To contact Denise, email her at

 Treasurer: Rosmarie Gubser

Coordinates all Club financial transactions, reporting, budget and auditing activities. To contact Rosmarie email her at 

Rosmarie Gubser holds a BA from the University of Melbourne, a Diploma of Librarianship from the Royal Institute of Melbourne as well as a Primary Teacher’s Diploma for Zürich. She briefly worked as a primary school teacher in Zürich before becoming a Librarian at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Rosmarie then went on to a career at Productivity Software Resources in Melbourne in application development and project management. Following her return to Switzerland in 1990, she began a long career at IBM Switzerland culminating in a position as a finance controller.

After early retirement, Rosmarie began volunteering at Pro Senectute one half day a week as a Kindergarten helper as well as a Camp Leader two to three times a year for the “Zürcher Stiftung für Schülerferien”.

Rosmarie has been a member of the AWCZ since 2011 and has served as Library Chair as well as Assistant VP Clubhouse. She was also a member of the Clubhouse search committee. Rosmarie enjoys being a member of the AWCZ and believes active participation is more rewarding than just consuming.


Standing Committee Chairs

FAWCO Representative:  Laurel McDonald

Serves as liaison between AWCZ and global organization Federation of American Women's Clubs Overseas. To contact Laurel, email her at

Ways and Means Chair:  Sue Rickenbacher

Coordinates the money generating programs of the Club like Workshop Week and the Christmas Market. To contact Sue, email her at 

Library Chair:  Diane Naenny

Overseas all operational aspects of AWCZ library. To contact Diane, email her at 

Parliamentarian:  Karen Spink

Advises the Board on policies and procedures. 

Membership Chair: Karen Carpenter

Manages club membership database and membership inquiries. To contact Karen, email her at

Round Robin Chair:  Lisa Wyssbrod

Overseas all operational aspects of producing The Round Robin magazine. Contact the editor at

PhASE (Philanthropy & Social Engagement):  Laurel McDonald and Patti Baumgartner

Identifies community service and philanthropic opportunities in the greater Zurich areas for AWCZ members and their families. To contact the PhASE team email


Special Committee Chairs

Office Manager: Linda Christen

Email Linda at

Activities Chair: Lucy Kepner-Litwin

Email Maya at

Head Advertising Representative: Open Position

Maintains relations with print and web advertisers. Email Stacy at

Christmas Market:  OPEN POSITION

Coordinates annual AWCZ Christmas market and visit with Santa event.

Workshop Week:  Lyla Taylor

Coordinates annual AWCZ week-long continuing education workshop program. Email Tori at

Welcome Chair:  Alicia Camacho Santiago

Welcomes new AWCZ members to the Club and Zurich.

Member to Member Team:  Ileen Sangster

Provides assistance for AWCZ members in emergency or crisis situations.

Gallery at the Club: Gema Klein

Oversees The Gallery at the Club program.


Coordinates family oriented programs and activities for AWCZ members. For more information contact

Scheduling:  Karen Spink

Coordinates scheduling of Clubhouse rooms for AWCZ and external organization usage.

Webmaster:  Barbara Gazley

Manages the AWCZ website.

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