American Women's Club of Zurich

IMG 3897The Nicolas School in Mekele, Ethiopia, serving Kinder to grade12, was started by the Rainbows4Children Foundation in 2005 it educates children of disabled veterans of the civil war whose disabilities have held their families in extreme poverty.

With a FAWCO DG, showers, using existing solar power, pumped from an existing well, will be built in the high school. A new cleaning unit will produce clean water to store in tanks for showers or for drinking water for the entire school community of 1,430 students/staff. This will expand the school’s current responsible use of water in the form of dry, composting toilets, and rainwater collected from roofs (150,000 litres per year). Additionally, students will collect safe water for home use in plastic bottles thereby giving them more time for school work.

In an environmentally responsible way, the showers will provide students essential hygiene, increase school attendance, improve academic results, reduce student skin infections, increase participation in sports, particularly by girls, and raise students’ self-esteem.

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