American Women's Club of Zurich

AWCZlogoblackborderweb-bWe invite U.S. and International citizens who are English speaking with strong ties to the USA to become members.

Click on the appropriate link below to apply for New AWCZ membership.

    • are married to U.S. citizens
    • are members of, or former members of, other FAWCO clubs,
    • have lived or studied in the United States,
    • work or worked for (or whose spouse works or worked for) a US firm or the US government,
    • are daughters or mothers of full members
    • If you don't meet any of the criteria above, become an Associate Member by being sponsored by two Full Members!
Member Dues: Membership year runs from May 1 to April 30.
  • New Member Annual Membership  (May 1 - April 30)                CHF  205.00
    (includes a one time registration fee of CHF 30)
  • Annual Renewal of Membership     (May 1 - April 30)                CHF 175.00
Prorated New Membership Dues (valid for new members only):
  • 9 Month New Membership         (Aug 1 -  April 30):                              CHF 162.00
  • 6 Month New Membership         (Nov 1 - April 30):                               CHF 118.00
  • 15 Month New Membership       (Feb 1 - April 30 + 12 months):          CHF 250.00

Methods of Payment: New memberships

  • Credit Card/Pay Online: Online credit card payment is available via PayPal. A Membership confirmation will be sent to you once payment has been verified.
  • Bank Payment: Pay Later option you will receive an email with details for a bank to bank transfer payment. Membership will be confirmed once payment has been verified.

Please contact our Membership Chair if you need assistance or require more information.

We look forward to welcoming you as a member soon!

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