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WW: The Alexander Technique

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25. Alexander Technique Robinm simmonsDate: Monday, March 12
10.00 – 11.30
Robin John Simmons

The Alexander Technique gives you an utterly new experience of yourself both in movement and posture. You feel lighter and freer. You breathe more deeply and easily. Many people learn the Technique to rid themselves of unwanted tensions or poor posture and movement habits. Doctors sometimes recommend sessions for pain relief or improved coordination, and it is supported by the Health Insurances. 

 The Technique is useful for everyone yet some people like musicians, singers and horse-riders find it especially relevant because as the posture and movement skills improve they get immediate positive feedback. The Technique is long-term and self-developing.

Robin John Simmons has been teaching the Technique since 1971 and since 1982, an approved AT teacher training program. He offers workshops and holiday courses in various countries every year both for the public and also 'in-house' for teachers of the Technique. He's also given sessions in a number of businesses including Saatchi & Saatchi, Noranda Corporation of Canada, Ziraat Bank Istanbul, Wallis Postauto drivers and others. Based in Zürich since 2003, his center is within half a minute from the AWCZ at Dufourstrasse 131.

What to bring: Dress normally but be aware that they may be lying down on the carpeted floor at some point.
Who can attend: Adults, Couples, Teenagers
Workshop Fee: Members CHF 20, Non-members CHF 30
Cancellation Deadline*March 11

Mar 12 2018 10:00   through   11:30
Studio Sol                                                               
Grabenackerstrasse 5 
Registration Fee
Member CHF 20.00
Family member CHF 20.00
Non-member CHF 30.00

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