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WW: Nordic Walking the Alexander Way

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39. Nordic Walk Robin Simmons Date: Friday, March 16
17.00 – 18.00
Robin John Simmons

Nordic Walking originated in Finland and was popularized by pole manufacturer Exel in 1999. Basically, it involves using poles that are similar to ski-poles to assist and give much more dynamism to walking. It is estimated that NW is 46% more energizing than just walking. Although the NW actions are uncomplicated they do require some coordination. With the added Alexander Technique aspects the whole NW action becomes far healthier. Breathing is improved, general alertness and energy is enhanced. NW is ideal for non-sporting people who want to keep fit and enjoy the outdoors.  

Robin John Simmons has been Nordic Walking since 2005, the year he became certificated as a Nordic Walking Instructor. He regularly goes out for a NW into the countryside because it gives him extra vitality. He has even taken his poles to Turkey and walked along the Mediterranean coast. Having poles, not only gives walking an extra boost, but the whole process helps to open up the body framework as well as giving safety support in snow and ice conditions or up and down hilly ground.

What to bring: Nordic Walking poles or something similar.
Who can attend: Adults, Couples
Workshop Fee: Members CHF 20, Non-members CHF 30
Cancellation DeadlineMarch 15

Mar 16 2018 17:00   through   18:00
Studio Sol                                                               
Grabenackerstrasse 5 
Registration Fee
Member CHF 20.00
Family member CHF 20.00
Non-member CHF 30.00

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