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WW: The Alexander Technique

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Date: Wednesday, April 3
Time: 10.00 – 12.00
Presenter: Robin John Simmons

The Alexander Technique has been helping people overcome tension, stress, and poor postural habits for over 100 years. F.M.Alexander (1869-1955) developed the Technique from 1894 to overcome problems he had in breathing and in stage performing. In resolving his problems he realized he had hit on a fundamental principle in human functioning. He went on to explore a method for instructing others to achieve what he had discovered for himself. He found that his method helped people with much more than breathing issues or stage presence. Now the Technique is widely used by people from all walks of life. It is well known in the world of musicianship and also in the horse riding world as in these areas people get immediate feedback of the benefits of employing the Technique. In Switzerland it is also used in business. Viktorinox, the knife company, engages every member of its 950 employees in using the Alexander Technique. They have found that both absenteeism & accidents have been greatly reduced since the Technique was introduced in 2002. 

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Robin John Simmons has been teaching the Technique since 1971 when he qualified from the training school originated by Alexander and continued after Alexander's death by Walter Carrington. He runs a teacher training school in the same building as the AWCZ at Dufourstrasse 131. He gives individual lessons and also travels worldwide to give courses in the Technique and also courses based on his book "The Evolution of Movement" published in 2018.

Who can attend: Everyone
Workshop Fee: Members CHF 20, Non-members CHF 30
Cancellation Deadline: April 1

Apr 3 2019 10:00   through   12:00
AWCZ Clubhouse
Höschgasse 38
8008 Zurich
Member & Family Member Price CHF 20.00
Non-member Price CHF 30.00

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