American Women's Club of Zurich

Natural Solutions to Menopause

Are you struggling with menopause symptoms? Hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings among other symptoms? You are not alone.

Cristina, Registered Nutritional Therapist, will explain to you what characterize the different stages (pre-menopause, menopause, and post menopause) what are the triggers for the symptoms associated with each phase and what natural solutions you can implement to regain a radiant life.

This is the second event in a two-part series.

When: March 13
Time: 14.30 – 16.30
Cost: Free and any donations can be made to FAWCO
Registration and Cancellation Deadline: March 8
Contact: Laurel

AWCZ Cancellation and No Show Policy:  For specified Events and Activities, a participant will be billed for the Event/Activity unless she/he has canceled before the cancellation reservation deadline in writing or by email. For free Events and Activities, we need an accurate head count for the caterers. Thank you for your cooperation.

Mar 13 2020 14:30   through   16:30
AWCZ Clubhouse
Höschgasse 38
8008 Zurich

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