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WW: Take Charge of Your Health With These 5 Little Known Health Hacks!

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Date: Sunday, March 29
Time: 10.00 - 11.00
Presenter: Angela Warm

Everyone wants to get healthy these days but with all the conflicting information out there it is easy to bury your head in the sand and not know where to start. During this interactive class, we will discuss ways to rethink what it means to be healthy.  It isn’t merely the absence of disease, and it doesn’t necessarily mean eating green smoothies and kale all day. If you are looking for ways to increase your energy levels, decrease bloating or sluggishness or want to super charge your immune system join us.  I’ll share 5 little known tips to help you preserve your health for the long term.  

Angela is a Certified Health Coach who specializes in reducing toxins and our footprint on the planet. Before starting Warm Wellness, she was an environmental consultant in the US and brings that knowledge to her health and wellness business. Originally from Florida, she and her husband and two kids have been living in Switzerland for over 8 years. She loves helping women reduce their exposure to toxic chemicals which can have a profound impact on not only their individual health, but the health of their family and the planet we all share.

Who can attend: Adults
Workshop Fee: Members CHF 20, Non-members CHF 30. No additional fees
Cancellation Deadline: March 26

AWCZ Cancellation and No Show Policy: For those cost-based Events and Activities, the participant/s will be billed for the Event/Activity unless she/he has cancelled before the cancellation deadline in writing or per e-mail. For free Events and Activities, as we need an accurate head count for the caterers, the cancellation deadline should be honored. Thank you for your understanding.

Mar 29 2020 10:00   through   11:00
AWCZ Clubhouse
Höschgasse 38
8008 Zurich
Member & Family Member Price CHF 20.00
Non-member Price CHF 30.00

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