American Women's Club of Zurich

WW: T'ai Chi Ch'uan

 Registration is closed for this event

Date: Wednesday, September 9
Time: 13.00 - 14.00
Presenter: Robin John Simmons  

T’ai chi is an ancient, health-giving, consciousness-raising ‘exercise’ regime that originated around 1,000 years ago in China. It comprises a sequence of postures, performed with great care and slowness. Breathing is calmed and deepened; distractions evaporate while a sense of ‘centeredness’ and equanimity develop. It produces strength, energy, and self-awareness. The actions are not merely repetitions and it is vital to pay attention to what you are doing or you will certainly lose your way. Thus T’ai Chi cannot be done automatically but requires wakeful attention – the mind is alert throughout.

I have been working with T'ai Chi since 1969. I have given numerous group and individual classes (even to stars of film and TV) in the UK and in other countries. At present, I am offering individual sessions at Dufourstrasse 131 (30 seconds from AWCZ). I have had several teachers including Dr. Chi Chiang Tao of Taiwan, a direct student of Cheng Man Ch'ing. We will practice the Cheng Short Form introduced by preliminary "exercises".

Who can attend: Adults
Workshop Fee: Members CHF 20, Non-members CHF 30
Cancellation Deadline: September 6

What to wear: Loose comfortable clothing

AWCZ Cancellation and No Show Policy: For those cost-based Events and Activities, the participant/s will be billed for the Event/Activity unless she/he has canceled before the cancellation deadline in writing or per e-mail. For free Events and Activities, as we need an accurate headcount for the caterers, the cancellation deadline should be honored. Thank you for your understanding.

Sep 9 2020 13:00   through   14:00
AWCZ Clubhouse
Höschgasse 38
8008 Zurich
Member & Family Member Price CHF 20.00
Non-member Price CHF 30.00

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