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Ancient Wisdom in Modern Times or Spirituality in a Nutshell

I am a traitional Japanese Reiki Master and a graduate of the Metaphysical University in California. I grew up in Japan and attended a Catholic School and later high school at an American School. Being half Japanese I learned about ancient traditions and wisdom under a Mystery School in Japan called "Onmyodo."

Since I can see both sides of the fence, I think learning about all the "W's"... why am I here?, what for?, where am I going?, when?, with whom?, a very simple way could be a life-changing experience.

I would like this first meeting to be an initial talk about what we can discuss, topics of interest etc. I would like to have the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays per month to offer talks on various topics that would benefit everybody.

When: Wednesday, November 14 
Time: 10.30 – 12.00
Deadline: November 12
Contact: Lilli

Nov 14 2018 10:30   through   12:00
AWCZ Clubhouse
Höschgasse 38
8008 Zurich
Member CHF 20.00