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Board Meeting Notes

AWCZ Board Meeting Notes

February 2019 Board Meeting

Board Notes from Tuesday, February 26

  • AGM is scheduled for April 16 and invitations/ballots will be sent out on March 14 in accordance with our Bylaws.
  • Annual Board Reports from Committee Members must be submitted before the next Board Meeting, March 19th.
  • President proposed new Finance Committee, chaired by Rosmarie Gubser. Committee members are Ellen Frick-Delman, Cassandra Budlong, Terri Fischer and Lyla Taylor. Approval of the Finance Committee is passed unanimously
  • Board Members need to prepare a budget/forecast of projected expenses
  • KPMG can no longer “review” AWCZ’s accounts/books and we are searching a replacement.
  • Discussion of lowering AWCZ’s Ad rates to keep in line with rates charged by other organizations in Zurich. Proposal accepted by unanimously.
  • Membership stands at 254. We have reached our goal for 2018/19 have been reached +4!
  • Ileen Sangster has volunteered to Lead the Member to Member Care Team
  • Approximately 56 Workshops scheduled for Workshop Week. Lots of interest from the membership; looking for ways to appeal to outside individuals.
  • Approached by AICZ to cohost two events: a Memorial Day Celebration held at Park im Grune, Rushlikon and a July 4th Celebration held at Fork & Bottle.
  • Lyla to attend Women’s Expo in Zurich on March 24th and distribute Round Robin and solicit potential businesses for Ad business
  • Two new Library volunteers brought on board
  • Approached by “AtoZ English” regarding use of Boardroom/library during after school hours

Respectfully submitted by Ellen Frick-Delman, President

January 2019 Board Meeting

Board Meeting Notes from January

  • Treasurer reports that Auditors review is complete and in line with Swiss law.
  • VP Communications reports that some large advertisers have renewed their contracts including ISZN for RR back cover.
  • Presence continues to grow with more engagement through social media.
  • VP MR & A…
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September 2018 Board Meeting

Board Meeting Notes from September

  • New Policy regarding advertisement of Affiliated Activities discussed and agreed. First Affiliated Activities advertisement to appear in Nov/ Dec RR.
  • Financial documentation was prepared for the auditors.
  • RR archives need to be reviewed and updated
  • Board agreed to circulating FAWCO…
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August 2018 Board Meeting

Board Meeting notes from August 30

  • Partnership with the Kunsthaus has been successfully negotiated. Proposal can be adapted for other entities.
  • Establish a greater ongoing Social Media presence.
  • Private use of the Clubhouse for affiliated activities continues strongly.
  • Develop a policy for affiliated activities…
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April 2018 AGM Report

The regular Annual General Meeting of the AWCZ was held on Thursday, April 17, 2018 at 14:00, at the AWCZ’s Clubhouse, the President being in the chair and the Secretary being present.

Opening – call to Order made at 14.08 by AWCZ President Ellen Frick-Delman

Confirmation of Quorum:

  • The Bylaws establish quorum of the…
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April 2018 Board Meeting

Board Meeting Notes from April 5

  • The outgoing Board moved to recommend the proposed 2018-2019 Budget to the incoming Board
  • Payment procedure reviewed. Event organizers (WW, Markets, fundraisers) should always liaise with Treasurer.
  • Suggestion to have a guest book at activities/events, ensuring a good record of…
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February 2018 Board Meeting

Board Meeting Notes from February 8

  • March 9: Meet the Candidates Coffee morning
  • Board Annual Committee Reports due for the AGM by March 8h
  • Margaret Ann McMullen, wife of the new US Ambassador will be AGM guest of honor and keynote speaker
  • PhASE Chairs reported that 18 charities were researched and recommended that…
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January 2018 Board Meeting

Board Meeting notes from January 19

  • Workshop Week is scheduled for March 12-17, 2018
  • Margaret Ann McMullen, wife of the new Ambassador will be the keynote speaker at the Annual General Meeting on April 17, 2018
  • Susan Buchser-Lochocki appointed as VP-Events, Marie-Bénédicte Luxem as FAWCO rep for the remainder of the…
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December 2017 Board Meeting

  • Welcomed guests: Lyla Taylor, Lorraine Curran-Vu and Lisa O’Hearn
  • Finances: Rentals increased, expenses below budget
  • Christmas Market very successful and revenue exceeded budget
  • New Library/Reception computer and software installed
  • 2018 Workshop Week will be held March 12th -17th, 2018 . Organizing team members are…
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October 2017 Board Meeting

  • Appointment of Eleanor Paunovic as the new VP MR&A approved unanimously.
  • Alicia Raiche is on board as new Welcome Committee Chair
  • New proposed “Policy for Wine Sales” approved
  • Living in Zurich ®trademark has been renewed and is valid until January 20, 2028.
  • Open House and the Kick-Off Apéro as a joint event was a…
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April 2017 Board Meeting

  • The outgoing board moved to recommend the proposed 2017-2018 Budget to the incoming Board
  • Personalized dues renewals letters were sent out on time to arrive no later than April 1st
  • Membership stands at 284.
  • Committee formed to review Fundraising Policy.
  • Ten-year projection will be updated with current financial…
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June 2017 Board Meeting

  • The Treasurer is working on EOY closing and will schedule appointment for audit review with KPMG
  • The Clubhouse will be repainted during the summer
  • Plans for the Open House are underway
  • Library summer hours will start on July 1.
  • Appointments: Linda Christen as Assistant VP Clubhouse Operations and Assistant Secretary.…
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March 2017 Board Meeting

  • May-June Round Robin theme is ‘Neighbors’
  • Public FB page presented and guidance on how to access. ‘Likes’ will help promote Club
  • Volunteer Luncheon moved to May 16 to fall in new Club year.
  • Membership stands at 282, seven(7) new members this month
  • Board approved FAWCO committee’s recommendation of “Educating and…
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