American Women's Club of Zurich

Board Meeting Notes

AWCZ Board Meeting Notes

January 2017 Board Meeting

BOARD NOTES from January 26, 2017 Meeting
  • Club members who are requested to write RR articles may include their professional information with their Byline.  Benefit of membership.
  • The “Three activity rule” will apply for those activities that are free and participation will be tracked. Greater price differential for fee-based activities will be implemented where necessary.
  • Membership stands at 271.  Six new members since December.
  • Dues renewal letter: Will be sent with AGM invitation by April 1st, reminder in EBlast and Round Robin.
  • Next Artist Vernissage will be held during the March First Fridays! event.
  • Find ways of promoting the “Friends of the Library” in the neighborhood

Submitted on behalf of the Executive Board by Ellen Frick-Delman, President

October 2016 Board Meeting

BOARD NOTES from October 24, 2016 Meeting

  • Stacy Bebié-Laiderman has been formally appointed VP Communications and Rosmarie Gubser as Asst VP-CHOP
  • Nine new members since October bringing total to 260 members.
  • Move to Höschgasse on October 19 has gone smoothly. Library is open, first activities and events are taking…
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