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 Please find below answers to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Workshop Week. If you have additional questions or would like further information, Please Contact Us.

How Do I Cancel a Workshop Week Registraion?
In the unfortunate circumstance you must cancel a workshop registration, please first check to see what the "registration deadline date" for the specific workshop is on the AWCZ website. If you are within the "registration deadline date" please email Workshop WeekBe sure to include your name, the title and date of the workshop. All cancellations within the registration deadline date will incur a CHF 5 administration fee per workshop.

Note: AWCZ No Show/Cancellation policy applies to Workshop Week.

What is the AWCZ No Show/Cancellation Policy?
Any individual who does not attend a workshop for which she/he has reserved a space OR who has not cancelled the reservation by 17.00 on the day of the registration deadline, will not receive a refund.

What are the Workshop Week Course Fees?
Course fees indicated are AWCZ member prices with non-members paying an additional fee per course: 20 CHF for members and 30 CHF for non-members. A presenter may have additional expenses for materials; these are in addition to the base fee for each workshop. For example, all cooking classes are a flat rate of 35 CHF (expenses such as food) per class, plus the Workshop Week fee, for a total of 55 CHF for members and 65 CHF for non-members.

Course payment is due at the time of registration. Drop-ins for courses held at the AWCZ Clubhouse are welcome. Drop-ins are not allowed for courses held at offsite locations.

I haven’t reserved a place. Can I still attend if I turn up at the clubhouse on the day of a workshop?
Yes, you may. While we can’t guarantee there will be a place available, feel free to try your luck if you can’t confirm by the deadline. Even if you don’t succeed, the library is open with refreshments available. Unfortunately, drop-ins are not permitted for workshops held offsite.

Where is Workshop Week Held?
Workshops take place at the AWCZ Clubhouse, Höschgasse 38, 8001 Zurich, unless otherwise noted.

Workshop Week Disclaimer:
Workshop Week Course schedule may be subject to change without notice.

Event and Activities Policy:
Please click here to see the AWCZ Event and Activities Policy.

The content of any program or communication promoted, sponsored or accommodated by the AWCZ does not necessarily represent the views of or constitute an endorsement by the AWCZ.

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