American Women's Club of Zurich

From January 19 to February 29, 2019 19 awcz art diane 2 1

Three American Women Voices, One Family

Each Generation tells her story:

This year ‘we’ U.S. Americans, will celebrate 100 years of the Woman’s Right to Vote in the United States. What better way to start the year than with an art show about our Generations, our Womanhoods and our Americanness.

My Mom, Diane J. Lochocki, is a Grandmother, Mother, Oil Painter and Watercolorist, and a member of the Military Officers Association of America of Cincinnati. Finding the beauty in nature and rejoicing in the peace found in it is a recurring theme in Diane’s work. My Daughter, Jessica Buchser, is a Granddaughter, Daughter, Crafter, a Student in her final apprenticeship year at the Zurich Children’s Hospital in Zurich for Nursing, and a Girl Scout Leader. Jessy’s focus is positivity, weaving multiple colored embroidery floss, into intricately patterned ‘Friendship Bracelets’. I am maude n-art, also known as Susan maude Buchser-Lochocki, a Daughter, Mother, Peace Promoter, Dadaist, and a Member of the American Women’s Club of Zurich. Uniting people by uniting smiles has been my main inspiration since 2014. The smile works on display are part of a work in progress known as ‘Smile for Peace, it’s enough already’. These ‘Smile Doodle’ smiles are from YOU, our AWCZ Members.

Years ago, my mother and I had a dream of presenting an art exhibit, celebrating our diversity, through the connection of a mother and her daughter and now too, the daughter’s daughter. Our dream is now reality.

United in Love,
...Daughter, Mother and Grandmother.

Jessy, maude and Diane

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