American Women's Club of Zurich

Gallery at the ClubAmanda Gmur Zurich lake


Artists Amanda Gmür and Christine Revel

Please join us for an aperitif at our Vernissage on Saturday, November 14, 13:00-16:00

Amanda Gmür draws inspiration from nature and the wonders of her surrounding landscape, Lake Zurich, and the Swiss Alps. Her recent work reflects this in an abstract approach to landscape, capturing vast sweeping land and waterscapes and nature in textured oil paintings on canvas and in atmospheric watercolors.  079 612 9388

Christine RevelChristine Revel is an encaustic artist.  Her newest collection is based on the Zürichsee.  Her art is open to interpretation and that is one of the beautiful things about it. It invites you to have an inquiring mind.  It stimulates the imagination and creates discussion. Christine has a true passion for the whimsical and dimensional formations that this heated beeswax and mixed media medium allows her to create.  077 445 1389

Exhibition dates: November 1, 2020 - December 31, 2020
Vernissage, Saturday, November 14, 13.00-16.00

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