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Message from FAWCO Voting Rep

April 18, 2023 19:30 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Continuing struggle to preserve US democracy – what you can do in 2023

FAWCO’s US Voting Committee has pointed out that, although democracy triumphed in the 2022 US elections in general, the struggle to preserve it continues. For the foreseeable future, then, every election will be “the most important of our lifetimes”. Click here ( to find out more.

While 2023 is an off year in terms of federal elections, there will be both some special federal elections and regularly scheduled state and local elections ( in, for example, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Overseas voters who intend to return to the USA at some point can take part in the latter. (Do remember that checking the “intend to return” box when registering makes an overseas voter liable for state and local taxes – if any.) If you intend to return, register and request a ballot as soon as possible in order to meet state requirements for voting in 2023. If you check the box that says “return is uncertain,” register anyway, in case of a special election, and to ensure you stay registered with local officials.

Register to vote through the US Vote Foundation ( or the Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP To find out what elections are scheduled for 2023, see Wikipedia (  or go to the US Vote Foundation (, scroll down the homepage to “When’s My Next Election,” select your state and start clicking.  

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